BubblyMat Laundry Partners with Local High Schools to Keep Friday Night Lights Shining Bright

September 22, 2023

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BubblyMat Laundry, a prominent professional laundry company serving Los Angeles County, has been making waves in the community for the past three years. Established with a commitment to helping people "smell good, look good, and feel good," BubblyMat Laundry has become a trusted name in the world of laundry services.

The brainchild behind BubblyMat Laundry is none other than Stacey Drake, a dedicated mother of three who has made remarkable strides in the laundry industry. Stacey's story is a testament to the power of determination and hard work, and her minority ownership of BubblyMat Laundry adds to its unique charm.

BubblyMat Laundry was conceived with the community in mind, and its mission revolves around serving families and businesses, regardless of their size. With three convenient brick-and-mortar locations in Long Beach, Lynwood, and Norwalk, BubblyMat Laundry offers accessibility to its valued customers. Moreover, they provide pick-up and delivery services that extend their laundry service coverage to most of LA County.

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Now, let's dive into the exciting partnership that BubblyMat Laundry has initiated with local high schools, including La Mirada High School, Norwalk High School, and John Glenn High School.

Football Uniforms Under the Spotlight

Friday night lights have always held a special place in the hearts of football enthusiasts. The energy, the excitement, and the passion are all part of the experience. However, behind the scenes, the upkeep of football uniforms plays a crucial role in ensuring that players look their best when they step onto the field.

This is where BubblyMat Laundry's expertise shines. They have teamed up with these local high schools to provide a Football Service like no other. BubblyMat Laundry's laundry service goes beyond just washing; it ensures that football uniforms are not only spotlessly clean but also disinfected to maintain player safety.


White and Bright for the Win

In the world of football, clean and bright uniforms are a symbol of pride and professionalism. BubblyMat Laundry is dedicated to ensuring that each uniform is not only white and bright but also infused with the spirit of teamwork and camaraderie that high school football represents.

As the Friday night lights illuminate the field, BubblyMat Laundry's partnership with these local high schools ensures that the uniforms stand out, showcasing the commitment of the players and the excellence of the teams.

A Touch of the NFL

With BubblyMat Laundry's commitment to excellence, it's no wonder they are making a significant impact on the local football scene. Their attention to detail and commitment to providing top-tier laundry service have garnered attention to the high school level and they aspire to one day work with local NFL teams.


BubblyMat Laundry's partnership with La Mirada High School, Norwalk High School, and John Glenn High School is a testament to their commitment to the community. By revitalizing football uniforms with their professional laundry service, they are not only helping local high schools but also contributing to the magic of Friday night lights. Stacey Drake's journey as the owner of BubblyMat Laundry is an inspiration, and her dedication to serving families and businesses is commendable.

So, as the Friday night lights shine brighter than ever, BubblyMat Laundry stands as a beacon of excellence in laundry service, making sure that everyone looks their best under those stadium lights.

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